SMT (Surface Mounting Technology)

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What is SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) ?

SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) is a packaging technology in electronics that mounts electronic components on the surface of a Printed Circuit Board / Printed Wiring Board (PCB / PWB) instead of inserting them through holes of the board. SMT or Surface Mount Technology is relatively new technology in electronics and provides state-of-art, miniature electronics products at reduced weight, volume and cost.

industrial ultrasonic instruments
Industrial Ultrasonic Instruments
medical plasma generators-500w
Medical Plasma Generators (500W)
ignition coil sensor module
Ignition Coil Sensor Module

SMT Working Process Flow

1. Loader

Stacker to load on PCB and supply to screen printer

2. Screen Printer

Equipment to apply solder cream to PCB by aligning PCB and metal mask

3. Mounter

A device that mounts components on a PCB. It is programmed for each production model, and the parts are mounted at a predetermined position on the circuit board at a high speed

4. Reflow

Electronic components mounted on the PCB are stabilized by high temperature melting (about 225 ~ 245 ℃) and cooling process

5. Vision Tester

Equipment that inspects in-line for defective or non-defective PCBs on the finished PCB / is automatically loaded in NG Buffer

6. Un-Loader

The enemy who carries only the good produced through all the above processes